Carpet Cleaning Services

Magi-Klean is proud to be offering carpet cleaning services that are nothing short of amazing using the industry's leading machine, the ProChem Everest HP 650.  We will restore your carpets to as like new condition as possible. 
On residential homes, we have No Extra Square Footage Charges on the rooms. Whether the rooms are big or small, they are all the same price. All closets in the home are Free if on the same path as the cleaning.  
  • All restoration enzyme treatment services come with a 15 day guarantee.
Here is an overview of some of the steps we will take...
Protecting your homes hardwoods, tile, entryway, corners, door jams, railings, couches, chairs, beds, walls, etc... Making sure not to damage any part of your home as we
Pre-vacuuming is included with every service to ensure the removal of dirt and dust before we start the cleaning. We have a high powered vacuum and will take our time passing over every square inch before we start the hot water extraction process.
Moving most furniture, tables, chairs, sofas and other small items using sliders and other protective equipment, to get all the places that normally see routine maintenance.
Pre-conditioning all areas being serviced, grooming solutions deeply into the carpet to activate and release the soils tucked between and underneath the fibers... leaving time to dwell & further deodorize and neutralize contaminants (with a scent of your choice).
We then treat spots and stains using a variety of friendly solutions to remove or digest soils in your carpet that are safe for not only you, but your family & pets as well.
Using hot water extraction to thoroughly rinse and remove, previously applied solutions with a constant high temperature of up to 240+ degrees depending on the carpet fiber and amount of soiling.
The steam has a PH-balanced rinse so sticky residue is never left behind. It also changes the chemical compound of the steam for a 10x better rinse. I can describe this process better in person. (Please ask if you are interested).
During extraction 95% of the moisture will be removed. To further dry your carpets, we will place high velocity air movers throughout your home as we clean, so you can get back to everyday life A.S.A.P. The kids and pets can be back on the carpet within three to eight hours.
When the restoration process is through, we will inspect all work, dry stairs, corners, etc. and further spot any permanent stains. Moving most furniture back, placing blocks and tabs underneath, re-arranging all air movers to maximize FAST dry times.
At this time we will put booties on your feet to let you walk around and check out our work, to ensure our work meets your satisfaction. If you are absolutely amazed and would like your carpets to remain clean for longer, ask us about our ScotchGuard protection if we have not offered it already. ScotchGuard is an amazing product when applied by certified technicians at Magi-Klean and is designed to keep soils and spills on the surface of your carpet so they clean up easily. It also makes it more resistant to stains. If your carpets do not get cleaned annually, they have a much better chance of coming back to like new condition when using this treatment.
Even though 95% of the moisture is removed as we clean, plastic booties will be left for your family.
With many more steps along the way...  we will explain the rest when we get there.
        (All cleanings & solutions are safe for stain resistant carpets & will not void the warranty)
Before Your Carpeting Is Cleaned...
Please remove breakables and knick-knacks from tables and other pieces that will be moved by our crew. If there is a large amount of small items such as boxes, magazines, shoes, etc., please remove these items if you want the carpet cleaned in these areas.

Arrange for pets and children to be away from the area that we are cleaning, and away from all equipment, hoses, etc.

After Your Carpeting Is Cleaned...

Be careful walking from carpet to hard surfaces! Floors can be very slippery.

Keep pets and children off of carpet for at least 3-8 hours.
Leave blocks and tabs for 24 hours after carpet is cleaned.


“It's Like Magic - Without The Tricks!”

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