Dryer Vent Cleaning and Repair

As an experienced team of air quality specialists, we understand all the facets of your home, specifically with crawl space, attic, HVAC system, air sealing, cleaning and encapsulation of these areas.  From a maintenance standpoint, cleaning of your HVAC system should take place every 5 years or so.  

As we are in your home performing an air duct cleaning, it will provide us with the opportunity to complete an inspection on you home from an air quality standpoint.  

·       If the HVAC system is working and connected properly and sealed tight.

·       We will inspect your crawlspace/attic for any rodent issues, checking for leaky ductwork and for any rodent entry points.

·       Review any system modifications. We are very skilled and experienced in these areas and have the ability to offer many updates to the air quality in your dwelling including dehumidification, encapsulation, restoration, exhaust, ventilation and air filtration services.

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